Just a thought

So me and the wife went to a show last night and I thought to myself how much hardcore shows have meant to me over the years.. Now I don’t write much but I for whatever reason wanted to share. Seeing it live is a stress release. It’s also a way for me to refuel myself. A chance to get away from the stress of real life and focus on just enjoying life for a few hrs. I love that I have a wife that I can enjoy this with. I can’t wait to take my kids and have them experience , what is for the most part, a very positive experience. I know from a outsider it just looks like a bunch of people running around being violent. That can’t be further from the truth. Well maybe not all the time. Hardcore has been something that once I found it it became part of who I am. The music has been there to pick me up during rough times and also to motivate me to be myself no matter what.. Well that’s it…. A brief moment I felt I wanted to share. I leave with two songs from last night.

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